Chris Stone

Chris Stone

Project Manager

Chris is a Project Manager and has been with RC Power for 2 years and has over 15 years’ experience in the construction industry. Chris has a Class B General Contractor’s License and ran his own company for 10+ years. Chris heads RC Power’s Tenant improvement Division and runs projects of all shapes and sizes.


State licensed General Contractor
Fire Protection Technology / EMT Degree

Relevant Project Experience

AWS SF08 Data Center –Structural Remediation- Project Manager

Managed the structural upgrades to existing fiber ladder rack and cable tray by retrofitting new structural supports and seismic bracing in Data Hall in San Francisco, CA.

CORESITE SV7 & SV8 – EV Charging Station – Project Manager

Estimated and managed the installation of Electrical vehicle charging stations at Coresite in Santa Clara, CA. Provided engineering, permits, and equipment for project. Managed our team and sub-contractors during installation. Also helped coordinate charge point activation and rebate documents for customer.